U.S. Catholics Have Absolute Power To Make U.S. Cardinals Resign & For Francis To Take Notice!

by Anura Guruge

Cut this rank nonsense. The U.S. Catholics, if they weren’t so SCARED to stand-up to the ‘church’, could do so, so much to get a meaningful resolution to the absolutely disgusting sex crimes committed on children by Catholic clerics.

For God SAKE stop giving the Church MONEY.

Jesus wept.

On one hand they wring their hands, and on the other, they can’t wait to give money to the Church.

Yes, the age old weakness the Church has exploited for millenia. The belief that giving money to the Church will wash away your sins.

The Catholic Church only worships one thing and one thing ALONE. Money, money, money — especially US dollars.

If the U.S. Catholics just STOP, just for ONE SUNDAY, giving the Church all that money they will stop and take notice.

Francis will be on Twitter saying “OK, which U.S. Cardinals do you want gone”.

This hypocriticism that the U.S. Catholics are powerless MUST STOP.

They have all the power in their grubby paws.

STOP the money.

Please. Just stop for ONE day. This Sunday.

Simple as that.

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by Anura Guruge

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