Deadly Duck Boat Sinking In Missouri — Why NO Life Jackets?

by Anura Guruge

I am a big fan of Duck Boats. We went on one, in Boston, just three months ago. That was at least my fourth trip on one.

I know that they are Coast Guard certified and have ton of life jackets on board. I think they are tucked, in plain sight, under the roof.

So, when I saw this sinking the first thing that crossed my mind was were they NOT wearing life jackets. Now we know. They were NOT.

That is beyond CRAZY. That is criminally irresponsible. They should have been wearing life jackets as soon as the going got a bit rough.

On our tour of Baker Island, Acadia, Maine, last month, we had to wear life jackets during the transfer to shore (and back) by a skiff. Wasn’t a great imposition.

So, this puzzles me.

There will, of course, be hell to pay. But, it is too late. All those poor kids

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by Anura Guruge


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