The 16 U.S. Catholic Cardinals MUST DO More To Help The Poor Separated Immigrant Kids.

by Anura Guruge

The Pope has made some statements, but as usual, hasn’t done enough.

Ditto, for the 16 U.S. cardinals.

I would have to think that ALL of those affected by this horrendous ‘zero tolerance‘ policy are Catholic. I see ‘Catholic Charities‘ is one of the key aid organizations trying to help. But, what about the Cardinals.

Yes, as the above shows, they have made a FEW statements. That is NOT enough.

Hoping that one of them, e.g., Dolan, would go on a hunger strike is asking for too much. They do like their earthly comforts.

But, what about going down to the border en masse and demanding to see the kids. The media would love it. They would get a ton of coverage. I am sure that MANY of those working the centers are Catholics and would be too petrified to stand up to a cardinal, let alone a group of them.

So, COME ON. Time for words was LONG GONE.

It is time for ACTION.

Show SOME courage. Show SOME leadership.

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by Anura Guruge


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