Roadside Memorial, At The Alton ‘Circle’, For Motorcycle Victim ‘Gary Murphy’.

by Anura Guruge

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This memorial, replete with two full-size plastic chairs, was installed at the ‘Circle’ yesterday, i.e., June 2, 2018. By far the most elaborate and extensive Roadside Memorial in Alton — and we have a few. I gather it was done by ‘Mary’, the owner of Alton’s uber-successful ‘JP China‘ Chinese restaurant. It appears that ‘Gary Murphy’ was her brother-in-law.

I did not know him. But, given that he is supposed to have operated the new Alton car wash the chances are that I have met/seen him since I have used that car wash a number of times.

The Alton ‘Circle’ is BIG and the vegetated center is in a hollow. So as you can see from some of the pictures, this roadside memorial is in that large hollow. But, it is visible from the road.

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by Anura Guruge


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One response to “Roadside Memorial, At The Alton ‘Circle’, For Motorcycle Victim ‘Gary Murphy’.”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Thank you for these beautiful pictures. Gary was something else! Certainly worth appreciating. He is sorely missed by many.

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