Ignored BUT Growing Form Of Pollution — Neglected, Long Obsolete, ‘Lost Pet’ Signs.

by Anura Guruge

I, as a pet owner, fully understand and appreciate the distress of a missing pet (though I have to say that in over 40-years of owning dogs I have never had one go missing).

I have no gripes with folks putting up ‘Missing Pet‘ signs. If they think it helps, by all means. I also realize that it is cathartic.

My gripe is that they NEVER take down these signs! These days they are invariably laminated, in plastic sleeves or on thick, plastic-coated paper. These signs, nailed/stapled to trees stay on for years.

About 5-years ago a very prominent and wealthy family in town lost one of their (supposedly) trained, sled-pulling huskies. They plastered signs within a radius of 15-miles. They never found the dog and that has always bothered me. I still see these signs … 5-years later.

The two signs I show above went up a few days ago. They plastered the area around us. These two signs were about 10’ apart — set well back from the road. Very few people walk these streets. Most drive. The signs are too far to be read from a car.

These signs will stay up …

That is my issue.

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by Anura Guruge


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