‘Trillium Erectum’ Flowers, a.k.a. ‘Stinking Benjamin’, At ‘Castle In The Clouds’, May 5, 2018.

by Anura Guruge

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That is the first time I have ever seen them and I have lived in New Hampshire, in the woods, on dirt roads, for 33-years. I have seen plenty of ‘Lady Slippers‘ BUT this was new to I.

Yes, I was looking for Lady Slippers, though I knew that I was probably a few weeks too early.

This was in a swampy area, off the road, by the 1st entrance to the ‘Castle in the Clouds‘. Yes, this was when we were doing our Volunteer Day activity. Cleaned the two trolleys before lunch. Then we were sent down to try and tidy up the first entrance — by the signs. There was a fair amount of branches on the ground and I was trying to lug these into the woods, away from sight.

That is when I saw them. There were 4 flowers in a clump.

Did NOT know what they were called.

Had to download and use “Picture This — Plant Identification” to make sure what it was. However, to be fair, I did try the built-in “Google Lens” and it did get it right! But I wanted to make sure.

Belying its scientific name, none of the flowers were erect. They were all drooping. I had to prop them up to get my pictures!

I think the Erectum part has to do with the white ‘things‘ sticking up. Not sure whether they are the stigmas or the ovaries.

The Trillium part is easy. Three petals and three sepals. Trillium is a reference to the ‘three’ petals.

I did not detect a smell. So, can’t vouch for the ‘stinking Benjamin‘.

The other common names are: red trilliumwake-robinpurple trillium, and Beth root.

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by Anura Guruge


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