Public Restroom Hot Air Hand Dryers Spread Bacteria!

by Anura Guruge

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I am a germaphobe in my own way. I am at my worst when I have to use public restrooms. That you cannot open most of them by pushing them with your elbow or foot irks me NO END. I do not want to touch any door handles.

When I go into a public restroom I do NOT want to touch ANYTHING other than what is attached to I. Simple as that.

I am very adept at using elbows and feet to turn on/off taps, activate flushes and dispense soap. Yes, of course, I like ‘non-touch’ automated taps and dispensers — especially paper towel dispensers. I will grab a paper towel and use it to touch other surfaces.

Folks ask me often why I come out of a restroom with a paper towel in my hand. It should be OBVIOUS. I do not want to touch the door.

So, this study did not surprise me much. I really hate the new fangled ‘Dyson Airblade‘ hand dryer (below) — though in general I am big fan of Dyson and have a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Not sure what they were thinking. Not sure WTF they were thinking. You can’t use those damn dryers without your skin coming to contact with some surface! Stupid. Idiotic. Plus, it feels disgustingly rude and it takes much to make me feel as such.

THE WORST, the STUPIDEST and the MOST FILTHY hand dryer of them all — and it is from Dyson! Click to ENLARGE.

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by Anura Guruge


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