YouTube Video Of “Friendly’s” Birthday Song Accompanying A Ice Cream Cake.

by Anura Guruge

Well, guess whose birthday it was yesterday. She turned 12. She has established that going to “Friendly’s” is THE ritual for her birthday. So, that is what we did — this being the one in Concord (N.H.) on Loudon Road. We go to both in Concord, more or less in equal measures depending one where we are in Concord. It is always a good experience. They have got the formula nailed — though, surprisingly, they do NOT carry birthday candles (and unlike last year we forgot to take some).

Click to ENLARGE.

This year, at her pleading for nearly 9-months, a new ritual was added — thanks to a great-uncle who died way, way, way before she was born. He was my ‘larger-than-life‘ (though he was diminutive), fire-walking, personal physician to the presidents  ‘Doctor Uncle‘. He had maintained that it was “OK” to miss school on your birthday. I do NOT think my adoptive parents ever let that apply to I, but his 4 sons were allowed to stay at home on their birthday. My ‘Doctor Uncle’ was a BIG influence on I and in many ways I share his personality. So, I was willing to accede on the grounds that if my “Doctor Uncle” said it was “OK”, it had to be “OK” since he was quite the guy.

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by Anura Guruge

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