Teischan (11) Embellishes Her Painted Hamster Cage Table.

by Anura Guruge

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Teischan has a problem common to many artists. She is not sure when one of her works is done. She — and we — thought the table was done by Sunday night. Appears it was not the case. Yesterday, after school, she had the inspiration to add these ‘black’ trees (or I think that that is what they are). I must confess they do add some je ne sais quoi.

In the late 1970s, while working for IBM, I was extremely fortunate in getting to spend some time with the GREAT British painter, conservationist and rail enthusiast David Shepard. One night over some drinks, in a pub, he told me his secret as to when he knew when one of his masterpieces of done. He would look at it, over his shoulder, using a mirror. If it looked right in the mirror he knew it was done.

No, no. Not a Teischan creation, BUT one of David’s most commercially successful paintings.

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by Anura Guruge

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One response to “Teischan (11) Embellishes Her Painted Hamster Cage Table.”

  1. Deanna (@scentoflight) says :

    The effect of the ‘tree’s” is two-fold, they are tree’s as is, but if you cover the bottom half, they become mountains. This is what she explained and showed me.

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