Frozen “Alton Bay”, Lake Winnipesaukee, NH, On Another 40°F Day — January 21, 2018.

by Anura Guruge

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Yesterday was our lake, ‘Halfmoon Lake‘. Today, the second-spring like day in a row we opted to venture a bit further, just for the change. So, went to our local bay, Alton Bay, on the BIG Lake, i.e., Lake Winnipesaukee. This used to be OUR lake; I lived waterfront on it from 1997 — 2007, in Meredith and Gilford; for the last seven-years of that just 8′ from the water.

We got there around 3:15pm and it was UNUSALLY quiet. In total 5 people on the Bay and maybe a couple more in the Parking Lot. Why? Everybody else was at home watching the NE Patriots. It was kind of funny.

It was nice as you can tell from the pictures. We walked around on the ice. I like that. It is the only time these days that I feel as I am walking on water.

Dogs loved it.

They are getting ready for the ‘Airport on Ice‘. New yellow cones that we have not seen before.


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by Anura Guruge

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