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Snow Covered ‘Halfmoon Lake’, Alton, NH, On A 40°F Day — January 20, 2018.

by Anura Guruge

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This is our lake; we don’t live waterfront, but we do have deeded beach rights. So, given that it is but about 10 minutes walk from the house, we do try to get down the lake whenever we can.

This was the first visit this year, i.e., in 2018. It was a gorgeous day, temps in the 40s°F (4°C), blue skies (nary a cloud) and the sun beating down. So, around 3pm we sallied forth, with the 2 dogs — though the dogs and I had already done a 3-mile run earlier in the day. The dogs don’t complain (though you could tell they were tired when we got back).

It was good. Beautiful. We were the only ones there — which is not unusual. Typically I would venture out onto the lake. After the earlier run I was happy just to potter about on the beach and take pictures.


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by Anura Guruge

Tom Petty, The Latest Drug-Addled Celebrity To Die — Am I Supposed To Feel Bad? Like Heck.

by Anura Guruge

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I have absolutely NO SYMPATHY for these rich buffoons. What I have is total and utter contempt. They deserve to die.

Why do these celebrities have a need for drugs? Just a frigging excuse. Just weak souls.

They should try my life — even for just a day. And I get by without drugs and too much alcohol. So, my take on life is v. simple. IF I can withstand all my hardships without drugs they should be able to — also. Their lives can’t be anything as bad as mine.

Yes, this will offend some, BUT somebody has to say this and somebody has to stand up and be counted. And I am.

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by Anura Guruge

‘110 Grill’, Rochester, New Hampshire — Continues To Impress & Entice (Jan. 18, 2018).

by Anura Guruge

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We were impressed the first time we went — in May 2017 (shortly after they opened) — and we were VERY impressed and content the second time we went, last night.

That it has been so long between visits is just a reflection on our rather capricious eating out habits. We eat out fairly often, but we don’t typically make a point of going to a particular place. Last night was the 3rd time we had eaten out this week — and it had been in Concord (NH), Kittery (Maine) & then Rochester. It is more of a function of where we are at …

110 Grill is GOOD. Everything about it is Goldilocks right. Good food, good price, good service, good ambience. What else can you hope for? We really should make an effort to go there more often.

As is always the case, if it is on the menu, we ordered the (Asian) calamari as an appetizer — and looking at my pictures from May 2017 I see we did the same thing, as was to expected, on that visit. It was good. 2nd time I had had calamari in 5-days. If we are on vacation it would not be unusual for us to have calamari both lunch & dinner — every day! We like calamari. Their calamari is good.

I had their Barbados Chai Tea rather than wine. Very compelling. Then the Cuban sandwich sans the bread. Yep. I liked it. Deanna had a steak tip salad. That was good too.

Altogether a great experience. Highly recommended.

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by Anura Guruge

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