Winter Storm Inga, January 17, 2018, In New Hampshire — Rather Pretty & Far From Dastardly.

by Anura Guruge

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Schools were cancelled in Alton as we knew they would be — and that is FINE with me. Better safe than sorry when it comes to kids, always. Plus I like having the kids home — and when they are home they have to help me shovel! {Smile}

As snow goes this was a piece of cake. Light, fluffy snow — contrary to the forecast — that was easy enough to shovel. Don’t think we got that much in total — maybe 7″ max — though it snowed for about 24 hours.

The three of us went out at 10:15am and by 10:40am we had the driveway totally cleared — per the picture above. It looks messy, and that is because it continued to snow while we shoveled. But, we removed the accumulation.

We, three, went back shortly after 4pm and spent another 25-minutes or so. I had the drive to the blacktop. Also shoveled out the mailbox. I was happy. Easy peasy. And it wasn’t cold. I was sweating during the morning shovel and that is always good. I do NOT want to end up like Trump.

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by Anura Guruge

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