First ‘Dotard’, Now ‘Daft Twerp’ — Do They Both Apply & Fit?

by Anura Guruge

From “The Hill”. Click image to access original. Google ‘Nicholas Soames’ for more.

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Having grown up in Britain, and having gone to Public School (i.e., private school) there, I am extremely au fait with all three words: ‘daft‘, ‘twerp‘ & ‘dotard‘.

Both ‘dotard‘ and ‘daft twerp‘, though alluding to different personality traits, apply in this case. I am sure he was a ‘daft twerp’ most of his life and then as he got older he also became a ‘dotard’.

Unlike ‘dotard’, which goes back 500-years or more, ‘twerp’ is a relatively recent word and is NOT even hundred years old as yet.

The Oxford English Dictionary‘, the final arbitrator on all words English, believes that ‘twerp’ was a creation of the famous,  by J R R Tolkien (of “Lord of the Rings”). In a letter to his son in October 1944 he talks of his times with T.W. Earp, a one time President of the Oxford Union, and refers to this T.W. Earp, as ‘the original “twerp”‘). Get it? T.W. Earp, who probably was a right royal twerp. Interesting.

So what do YOU think? You think ‘they’ got it right? I think so.

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by Anura Guruge


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