“Monty Python’s Flying Circus” Premiered This Day 48-Years Ago On the BBC; October 5, 1969.

by Anura Guruge

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Though I had just moved to London (from Paris) I cannot say I saw the first episode when it aired. I was at a border, at a boarding school, viz. Mill Hill, and we did not have access to TV! Yes, I had a very deprived childhood (which will explain a lot).

Of course, I like the “Flying Circus”. Definitely my type of humor. In later years, when I did have ready access to TV, I would make a point of watching it. Plus, I have seen many of the reruns though I would be lying if I said I have seen all 45 episodes.

John Cleese once gave me a huge bear hug, looked into my eyes and asked me if I was “OK”! That was special. He was (and still is) a HUGE man in every way. This was at the Lord’s Cricket Ground, in London, the ‘Holy of the Holies‘. He like I is a HUGE cricket fan (and again, I have no option but to use that word). It was between the Mound and Tavern Stands at Lord’s. I always got tickets for the Mound Stand — IF it was not a Middlesex Game. [If it was, I, as a member, sat in the Pavilion.] John and I, quite literally, ran into each other — and given that he towered over me (in height (as well as stature)) it was like walking into a brick wall. I staggered backwards. He caught me, held me, uprighted me and checked I was OK. I knew who he was right away. Had the presence of mind to say: “I am fine John. Thank you.” We then went our merry ways. That being how cricket fans are. It is a very gentlemanly sport.

So, anywho … 48-years.

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by Anura Guruge


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