‘FastStone Capture’ — Super-Duper Screen Snipper.

by Anura Guruge

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Click here to access the ‘FastStone’ Website.

The ‘Snipping Tool’ that came with Windows 7 was by far my most treasured and used feature of Windows 7.

I use it multiple times a day. I could NOT function without.

But, it has severe limitations. Other than snipping per se, it has very few tools. So, I invariably end up using PowerPoint in conjunction with it to get the highlighting and annotations I desire.

Then I heard about ‘FastStone’ through the DPReview forums. They were actually endorsing FastStone’s ‘Image Viewer’, a freeware image editor. It sounded quite intriguing. When I visited ‘FastStone’, a freeware developer, I saw ‘Capture 8.6‘. That appealed to me much more than the image editor — given that I do very little of that, and TONS of screen captures on a daily basis.

A few days ago I downloaded ‘Capture 8.6’ on the 3–day trial basis.


It has everything I want. You have already seen its results over the last few days. My screen captures now have a professional look.

I will definitely buy it. There is NO QUESTION about that.

It is BRILLIANT. I LOVE IT. Did I already say that. It deserves to be said again.

If you use ‘Snipper’ try this out. It is like chalk and cheese.

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by Anura Guruge


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