My Weight In Lights At A Truck-Weighing, Weighbridge.

by Anura Guruge

They just installed a weighbridge, at a cost of $77,000,
at our local ‘Transfer Station’ [i.e., ‘the dump‘].

I, as ever, was curious as to what its capabilities were.

I, not known to be bashful, asked whether they could weigh me.
No problem. We are all good friends over there,
I a near weekly pest.

The first reading came in at 150 pounds.

That wasn’t right.

They needed to re-balance it and ‘zero’ it.

Next reading at 170 pounds was probably spot on.
I had my Sony a7 II with a heavy zoom. That was probably 3 pounds.
Then my clothes, belt, shoes and wallet.
Reading at home, 90 minutes earlier had been 165 pounds.
So, it was cool.

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by Anura Guruge


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