Sigmund Freud, As In The ‘Slip’, Was Born This Day 161-Years Ago, In Austria — On May 6, 1856.

by Anura Guruge

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By today’s standard’s pretty dramatic and catholic statement to make.

Other than the ‘slip’ I am not sure that I am a great subscriber to his work. I think, deep down, he was somewhat of a pervert! But, hey, he got away with it.

As with Einstein I often think that ‘they’, obviously, lived in a different, less competitive, less skeptical, less cynical world. I am not sure how either of them would be treated if they published their work in today’s ‘everybody can have a say’, social-media world.

Does not matter. He made an indelible mark.

I did go to school with one of his grandsons. Nice kid. A few years younger than me. He painted, at my request, a dramatic, mainly black lunar-scape in my study. It was neat.

Anywho. Freud’s birthday. May 6.

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by Anura Guruge


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