The Start Of What Would Be The ‘Falklands War’ Happened This Day, 35-Years Ago — March 19, 1982.

hjby Anura Guruge

What a WAR!

It was the only war that I was totally and utterly ‘invested’ in emotionally.

I so wanted us, THE BRITS, to prevail and prevail big.

I followed every twist-and-turn, despairing when we suffered a loss and jubilant when we enjoyed a success.

The night of the victory, June 14, 1982, I was hosting a pre-arranged customer dinner (as was a part of my job) at a restaurant on the outskirts of London. It turned out to be quite the party. I was buying drinks for all. Didn’t care about the cost. I did have a ‘no questions asked’ expense account for entertainment BUT I think I paid for that money on one of my credit cards. It was well worth it.

What a glorious victory.

THANK YOU Mrs. Thatcher. You were great.

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by Anura Guruge

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