TDS TV ‘Expanded Package’ Channel Comparison Against DISH ‘America’s Top 120+’

by Anura Guruge

I do NOT switch TV providers or Internet service providers without considerable research and due diligence.

So, I am not going to get TDS TV, with 1 Gigabit Internet, without doing a diligent pros and cons comparison — though I have been a TDS phone/Internet customer for over 9 years.

So, over the last few nights I did this TV channel comparison.

I picked TDS’ ‘Expanded Package‘ (which is supposed to have 130+ channels) and compared it against DISH’s ‘Top 120+‘, which is what I have had for the last 3 weeks having downgraded from the ‘Top 200+’ (or thereabouts).

Some explanations:

  1. I did this in a hurry and it did not have to be 100%. It just had to be a quick-and-‘dirty’ comparison. So, I might have screwed up on a few channels, BUT the BIG PICTURE should remain unaltered.
  2. The MIDDLE yellow column that says ‘In DISH’ means that the corresponding channel, at left, on the TDS column is available on DISH.
  3. What is listed in the DISH column are the channels available on DISH but not in TDS.
  4. Channels highlighted in BLUE in the TDS column are ‘good'(/’premium’) channels NOT included by DISH in 120+

Got that?

Bottom Line: TDS has BETTER channels. But, is is all streaming and I don’t know what the quality would be like. Plus, there can be streaming/buffering/server delays making picture jerky. Plus, it is all Internet-based. At least with DISH you could still get it even when the Internet is down (provided it is NOT snowing hard).

Click images (4) to ENLARGE.


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by Anura Guruge

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