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Pope Francis On Turning 80 Will Join 25 Other Popes Known To Have Also Done So.

by Anura Guruge

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Extracted from my ‘magic’
Pope Excel Spreadsheet.

Though we have a fairly accurate record of nearly all of the papacies in terms of start and end dates, this is definitely NOT the case when it comes to knowing the birthdates of the popes.

Nearly all of the birthdates of the popes elected prior to 1400 are either NOT known or reliable. Hence, we really can’t be definitive when it comes to talking about the real ages of popes prior to the 15th century. I have, however, made 4 exceptions BUT highlighted them with an orange background. In the case of these 4 popes we think we have a good handle as to how old they were when they died — but, it is true, that it is still supposition. I could have included Celestine III (#176) into this list too, but the ages that we have for him, i.e., that he was elected when he was about 85 years old and died 7 years later are even more sketchy. So I left him out. So, again, IF you want to be pedantic, exclude the 4 popes marked in orange and focus on the other 21.


In Chronological Order as to when they were pope.


In terms of oldest to youngest, i.e., Pope Francis.


How long they had been pope before they turned 80.

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by Anura Guruge

‘Clearlakes Chorale’ Christmas Concert 2016 — Saturday, December 10.

by Anura Guruge

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Clearlakes Chorale‘ will always hold a special place in my psyche. I do think of them as ‘family’. I have been going to the ‘Clearlakes Chorale‘ Christmas concert, at Alton’s ‘St. Katharine Drexel‘ since 2010 and then, from 2012 to 2014 Devanee sang with them — and I would go, every Thursday, and sit through the practices and rehersals. Then, last year, Devanee found other distractions. I miss ‘Clearlakes’.

It was good to attend the Saturday night concert. It was my idea but Devanee was happy to come along. It was like ol’ times. It was good to be there.

Always a GREAT occasion. Fine, HIGH culture in rural New Hampshire. What a delight. A great occasion. A fine show. A musical tour de force. Thank YOU, ‘Clearlakes’. Thank YOU, Andy Campbell, Wolfeboro’s unparalleled musical maestro. 

It sets me up for Christmas. Off to see ‘Christmas Revels‘ in Cambridge in a few days. That kinds of wraps it up. ‘Clearlakes Chorale’ and ‘Revels’. That is the musical prelude to my Christmas.

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by Anura Guruge

A 1″ Successor To The ‘King Of Zooms’ Nikon P900 By Nikon Would Be A Sensation.

by Anura Guruge

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of December 10, 2016.


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IF Nikon manages to pull this off it would be close to a MIRACLE.

They would have to get pretty close to DEFYING the laws of physics — when it comes to optics and focal length.

As you KNOW I am in awe of my Nikon P900. It is one heck of a camera. Though I previously owned a Panasonic Lumix FZ1000, which does have a 1″ sensor, the Nikon P900, head and shoulders, is a better camera.

I just can’t even imagine how they could get a 1″ sensor into a body similar in dimensions to that of the P900 and offer a 1,800mm zoom.

The best that we have, at present, with 1″ sensors is 20x to 25x — and that is even true with Nikon’s, yet to ship (and now rather ill-fated) DL 24-500mm.

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by Anura Guruge

Q.E.D., As To Why I Do Not Believe In Prayer — Irrespective Of Religion & Culture.

by Anura Guruge


From the “Chicago Tribune”. Happened December 10, 2016. Google for much more.

Q.E.D. = “quod erat demonstrandum”, in Latin, of course, which denotes “that which was to be demonstrated”.

I fully understand and appreciate those who justify all of these hard-to-fathom calamities by insisting: God does not interfere, God does not micromanage or ‘Free Will‘.

I am happy to buy that.

But, what I do not understand is why these same people PRAY and advocate prayer.

IF God does not interfere, micromanage or go against the “Free Will” granted to humans, why pray? That is asking God to interfere?

Do NOT get it?

Which is why I do NOT pray, haven’t for over 45 years, and do NOT believe in prayer.

IF anybody should believe in prayer it should be I. As I have talked about many times before my adopted mother was a much revered ‘queen of prayer’. She prayed all the time! And the beauty of her prayers were that they were cross-religion. She prayer to multiple deities across religions and she picked the BEST one for her given situation. It was a science with her. Up until my early teens, I like so many others, were in awe of her powers of prayer. Then I started to get skeptical. And eventually I saw the light.

As is my wont, I don’t have anything against those that pray. Each to their own. I just don’t get it.



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by Anura Guruge

Think – Today: What Was The Basis For The Gallon?

by Anura Guruge


gallon-of-waterIn the U.S. it is still (thankfully) the standard unit of measurement for gasoline (i.e., petrol), heating oil etc. How did we end up with the gallon? What was the basis for it as a unit for measuring the volume of liquids?

Think first, then research, then THINK again. Think for the pleasure of thinking.

Yesterday’s ‘Think’: “What Is Under Your Feet, A Few Thousand Miles Down” — at all times, wherever you are, there will be be at least 7,900 miles of ‘earth’ BELOW you! That actually happens to be the diameter of the Earth, 7,917.5 miles to be exact. The interior of the Earth, as you must remember from somewhere, is layered — like an onion (albeit without too many layers). There is the topmost ‘crust’, the main crust per se, the mantle, the liquid outer core and then the extremely solid, inner core. It is worth looking up. Google it “earth’s interior”.

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by Anura Guruge

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