Think – Today: Why Does The U.S. Elect The President Through An “Electoral College”?

by Anura Guruge

electorlMost people in the U.S., even those that voted, only really give any thought to the ‘U.S. Electoral College’ in election years such as this (i.e., 2016) when a win of the Electoral College does not adequately reflect what happened in the ‘popular vote’. So why has the U.S. had an Electoral College from the very start — i.e., since the Constitution was enacted?

Think first, then research, then THINK again. Think for the pleasure of thinking.


Yesterday’s ‘Think’: “George” — is a very earthy name. It is from the Greek word ‘georgos‘ which basically denotes ‘a farmer’, one that tills the soil. So the next time you see or meet a ‘George’ you will know. 

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by Anura Guruge

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