People With Interesting Names: Nick Confessore Of “The New York Times”.

by Anura Guruge


What a great name. Saw him (and his name) on TV Wednesday morning. 

“Confessore” — ‘confessor’ in Italian.

Not a common name in the U.S. According to the last U.S. census there were less than 250 people, living in the U.S., with that last name.

What a great name for an investigative reporter. Make them confess.

Would love to know the origins of the name. Definitely some clerical connotations — or one of his distant ancestors, way back, was a noted ‘Confessor of the (Christian) Faith’.

I wonder if he knows where this name comes from.

Anywho … I just wanted to share.

Have been meaning to document names like this, that catch my fancy, so that others too can ponder and marvel.

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by Anura Guruge

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