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Think – Today: Where Does The Expression “Point Blank” Come From?

by Anura Guruge

a4-stickers-paste-professional-portable-targetHow did we get the expression “Point Blank”?

Think first, then research, then THINK again. Think for the pleasure of thinking.

Yesterday’s ‘Think’: James Comey, the FBI Director, according to V.P. Joe Biden (talking on TV, Saturday, October 29, 2016), is a Republican. It was George W. Bush that first appointed him the United States Deputy Attorney General in December 2003. It is, however, true that it was Obama, in September 2013, that made him FBI Director — mainly so that he could get a nomination passed through the Republican Senate.

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by Anura Guruge

Latest Hillary Clinton, Weiner & Huma e-Mail Flap — Anybody Who Downloads e-Mails To A PC Is STUPID!

by Anura Guruge


Huma Abedin has to be STUPID. Very stupid (though I have kind of always had a soft spot for her).

Well that she married that IDIOT, reprobate Anthony (bloody) Weiner, is proof enough that she is not the brightest bulb in the Clinton club.

Downloading e-mails on to a PC or any device is so 1990s! So passée.

Downloading e-mails was something Microsoft made you do with Outlook (Express).

If you still use Microsoft Outlook you are … YES … STUPID.

You read e-mails on the SERVER — the cloud. You do NOT download them — not anymore, not in the last 10 years!

I haven’t downloaded an e-mail since 2004!

Yes, this whole thing is stupid and Huma Abedin has proved to be too stupid to be allowed within 250 miles of the White House — though that possibility is now gone.


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by Anura Guruge

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