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Biased, Unflattering & Inaccurate Article About “Sri Lanka” In The November 2016 “National Geographic”.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. I took a picture of it. Not sure you can find it online unless you have a valid 'NatG' subscription.

Click to ENLARGE. I took a picture of it. Not sure you can find it online unless you have a valid ‘NatG’ subscription.

cv-1116_006-275x400This article was in the November 2016 issue of “National Geographic” (which focuses on travel to Mars). It is on page 108 (and you can read the title in the image above).

I started reading it with much anticipation. However, I did NOT have to get far ….

Intentionally, or otherwise, a very STRONG Tamil-bias comes across.

That is very infuriating, especially from a magazine of the stature and credentials of “National Geographic”.

Those that know me know that I am very much into a multi-ethnic, multi-religious Sri Lanka — as it was in my time. So this slanted coverage just upsets me.

Some factual errors too. You can read that article and come away thinking that there are NO Christians in Sri Lanka — especially in Colombo.

IF you are interested and have skin in the game get a copy, somehow, and read. Then there should be some official comments directed to the magazine.

I found a copy, from “National Geographic” themselves, online!



Click this image to access ‘NatG’ original.

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by Anura Guruge

(Cambridge) Revels Christmas 2016: “Acadian – Cajun Celebration” — Tickets Now On Sale.

by Anura Guruge


Click image to access the official “” Website.


Click to ENLARGE to get an idea of pricing and the seating layout at the very historic, and beautiful Harvard University Sanders Theatre.

Yes, I got my tickets last night — thank you. Will be our third time in Cambridge.

We are NOT going to ‘Revels North‘ in Dartmouth (Lebanon/Hanover) this year!

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by Anura Guruge

The New “History” Magazine From “National Geographic” Looks Interesting — I Already Subscribed.

by Anura Guruge

cv-1116_006-275x400There were multiple flyers and inserts for this NEW magazine in the November 2016 issue of “National Geographic” (which is focused on travel to Mars).

Looked interesting. The topics they claim they will be covering have definite appeal. I do read the “Geographic”, faithfully, even if I am typically a few months behind. I like the “Geographic” (with or without the cute tribal topless pictures that they like to sneak in of late).

It is $24 for six (6) bimonthly issues. So $4 an issue. That might not be too bad. I will, of course, let you know.

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by Anura Guruge

Think – Today: What or Who Is The ‘Peshmerga’?

by Anura Guruge


thinlssdfsfsdfsdfWhat are who is the ‘Peshmerga’ — a word that has been in the news, quite a bit, recently.

Think first, then research, then THINK again. Think for the pleasure of thinking.

Yesterday’s ‘Think’: ‘Going around the horn‘ originally meant crossing from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific (or vice versa) by travelling around ‘Cape Horn‘ in South America. These days there is also a baseball connotation.

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by Anura Guruge

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