India’s Continued, Petulant Refusal To Permit The Use Of Umpire “Decision Review System” DRS Is Just Plain Stupid.

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE. I created this for those not familiar with cricket’s DRS.

For the world of me, I do NOT understand:

  1. What the Indians are so worried about. DRS, 98% of the time, is pretty damn good. Yes, you get the infuriating “Umpire’s Call” decisions BUT those cut BOTH WAYS. There is no bias.
  2. Why do their opponents, now poor New Zealand in the latest 2016 Test in Kanpur, agree?
  3. Why can’t the ICC mandate that DRS, with all three technologies shown above, is mandatory in all Tests?

Not having DRS in Tests involving India is making a MOCKERY out of modern Test cricket.

All modern Tests played without DRS should now have an asterisk so that people looking at these Tests in years to come will know that umpiring decisions could NOT be reviewed.

I see Indian players all bent out of shape when a decision goes against them. So why not have DRS.

And then the STUPIDEST thing of all. Even though DRS is not there the umpires can ask the 3rd umpire to arbitrate. And the Indians are cool with that — though they had a catch overturned because the ball brushed the chin strap of the fielder’s helmet.

Not right.

Funnily enough I bitched about this EXACTLY, to THE DAY
a year ago. Talk about consistency.


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by Anura Guruge

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