“Annie and the Orphans”, Wolfeboro (N.H.), July 2, 2016 — Another Stupendous Success!

by Anura Guruge

Click pictures to ENLARGE.

All taken with my Fuji X-E2s.

Attribution WILL be enforced.

Anatole Paquette, Annie, Anura Guruge

Mr. “Annie” himself, the incomparable musical genius, Anatole Paquette.

Bob McNab, on bass, accompanying Annie for over 50 years!

Roy D’innocenzo, lead guitar and ‘Music Director’.

Scott Groleau on sax.

Peter Previte, the “Wildman” (nice guy), on keyboards.

Steve Giotas on the drums.

With a guest appearance from an aged elvis.

And as ever there it was FIREWORKS though Wolfeboro’s official pyrotechnics are on July 4th, not July 2nd.

You can add your own caption.

Another magical, enchanted, GLORIOUS evening in picture-postcard (waterfront) “Cate Park“, in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire — the ‘Oldest Summer Resort’ in the U.S. — with the incomparable, ever delightful “Annie and the Orphans“, now in their 52nd year! It was another perfect ‘4th of July’ weekend in Wolfeboro — a tad windy, but warm enough and no precipitation for miles. This has become quite the tradition. “Annie and the Orphans“, at Wolfeboro, in perfect weather, on the ‘4th of July’ weekend .

How they do ‘IT’, year after year, is just amazing. It was ‘packed’ as usual. The crowd (including us (of course)) just adores them. Revels in the music and joy they create. You can feel the enjoyment in the air. It is palpable. They really should find a way to BOTTLE their magic. Other groups will pay big bucks to enjoy anything close to this success, adoration and following.

We all rocked on well past the advertised 9pm. There were ‘unofficial’ fireworks in the background. It was so, so much FUN. 

I have raved about “Annie and the Orphans” for so many years that I really am lost for new things to say. They continue to be brilliant — and they are in their 52nd year. I have been following them for 20 years and Deanna for longer.

It was a wonderful evening. Really set you up for the Holiday weekend. And they will be in Alton soon. Can’t wait.

Thank YOU “Annie and the Orphans”. You indeed are a N.H. Lakes Region TREASURE and INSTITUTION.

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by Anura Guruge

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