Fuji X-T2 NOT Having A Touch Screen Is NO Big Deal — At Least For Me.

by Anura Guruge


From July 1, 2016 “Fuji Rumors”. Click image to access original, full post.


Back of the X-Pro2. I highlighted the micro Joystick that can be used to select autofocus points. The X-T2 will have the SAME setup. That, to me, is one major ‘perceived negative’ out of the way.

A big deal is being made (mainly for the sake of sensationalism) that the eagerly awaited Fuji X-T2, to be announced July 7, 2016, will NOT have a touch screen.

I, for one, did NOT think the rear 3″ LCD would be touch screen. Why? Because the screen on the X-Pro2, announced in January 2016, is not touch screen. “We” all know that the X-T2 is meant to be a non-rangefinder (i.e., DSLR-like) version of the X-Pro2 — with more direct controls. And all the leaked data, e.g., number of autofocus points, supports that. So, why would the X-T2 have touch screen if the X-Pro2 did not?

For me the lack of touch screen is so big deal. Touch screens can be a pain. Having the micro Joystick to select AF points is a good compromise. It has the added advantage that you can use it, with your thumb, while looking through the viewfinder. Would be hard to do on the LCD since it will be pressed against your cheek.

Yes, touch screen would be nice when playing back images — both to move through them at the flick of a finger and to change ‘zoom’ using your fingers. But I can live without that. Plus not having ‘touch’ probably shaved $150 off the price.

So that is my take. IF I get a X-T2, and that is no longer a given, the lack of a touch screen will not bother me in the slightest.

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