Would You Like A Colorful, Batik Sarong For Father’s Day?

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE and view here. The sarong, if you haven’t worked it out, is the lower part. The shirt, quite literally, goes on top, unless, as is common in tropical Sri Lanka, you are habitually topless. The price, however, seems a bit steep. From Kapruka. Use the link below to access Kapruka.

Click to access ‘Kapruka.com’.

My grandfather in a formal sarong on being made a JP by the British. Click.

I have never, ever, worn a sarong! That is yet another reason why I was never a true Sri Lankan.

To be fair much of that probably had to do with the fact that I left Sri Lanka (Ceylon at the time) when I was quite young, 13 to be precise. You didn’t get into sarongs until you were a bit older — especially if, like I, you were from an aspirational upper middle-class family, living in the capital Colombo — particularly so if you had an adoptive mother who was an out-and-out anglophile. I wore shorts (most of the time), tailored longs for special occasions and pajamas to sleep in. It was (thank Buddha) very British and I was very comfortable with all of that. My adoptive father, when at home, and not meeting with the myriad visitors we had each day, would wear a sarong. He too was very comfortable with that. But he came from a different background to my mother. All my older male relatives, in private, wore sarongs.

My paternal grandfather wore only wore sarongs.

But not I. I have no problem walking around with a towel around my waist but I cannot see myself in a sarong. Kind of funny.

Again, this is Kapruka. So this a Father’s Day gift to be delivered in Sri Lanka.

But it you need a sarong it is not difficult to make. Start with a bed sheet and have someone sew it into loop. That is it. Differs from a towel in that it is a sewn together loop of fabric. Happy Father’s Day.

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by Anura Guruge

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