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Fatal Fall At ‘Acadia National Park’ — One Of The ‘Few’ Deaths Each Year.

by Anura Guruge

From ‘WCSH6‘ TV in Portland, Maine.


Use link above to access original.


From Google Maps. Mount Desert Island. Click to ENLARGE. Area where he fell is marked. From ‘Google Maps’, of course — who else.

We can, of course, relate to this. Though not funny, both kids on hearing this news from Deanna, ‘commented’ that that could have been ‘Dad’. Yes, we have clamoured about the rocks in this very scenic area to take pictures. Devanee had a fall just above ‘Sandy Beach’ last September. So this was ‘close to home’.

On our second visit to Acadia in June 2014 I had asked some Park Rangers as to what the casualty figures were for Acadia. They were reluctant to comment but in the end admitted that it was around a ‘couple a year’. But they pointed out that those were deaths that occurred within the Park. They did not count those that fell into the Ocean — even if it was from the Park! So per the National Park Service this death will NOT count as having happened in the Park. He would have died when he fell into the Ocean and that is outside of the Park.

This picture taken during our June 2015 visit is from roughly that area. Click to ENLARGE.

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by Anura Guruge

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