March 14, 2016 “PI Day” Of THE Century — The Only One In Your Lifetime.

by Anura Guruge

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March 14, celebrated as ‘Pi Day‘, hopefully with real pies, happens each and every year on 3/143.14 the first three digits of π.

IF you wanted to be lax about it last year was special too = 3/14/15 BUT that did NOT sit well with mathematicians because π to five decimal places isn’t really 3.1415. That is because the next digit in this infinite sequence is ‘9’. So IF we are going to be mathematical, as we have to be in this case, π stated in five digits is 3.1416. Bingo.

No to be fair this ONLY works IF you still think of years in dates in 2-digits. I ceased to be a 2-digit man in 1998 with Y2K looming. Since then, as you may have noticed, I always spell out my years in 4 digits (because 2-digits no longer make sense).

But it is cute.

So you get it, right? Next 3/14/16 will be in March 2116. Hundred years from now. That is a long time.

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by Anura Guruge

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