The ‘Polar Vortex’, ‘Arctic Blast’ etc. In New Hampshire — It Is NOT That Cold!

by Anura Guruge


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I went running today, viz. Saturday, February 13, 3016, up Prospect Mountain Road, for my usual 2.5 mile (40 – 45 minute) run. It was 16°F, as you can clearly see, when I left.

My cut-off for NOT running is 5°F — on the thermometer (irrespective of wind chill). I watched the WMUR forecast last night and heard all the ‘Polar Vortex’ talk on TV in the morning. But my own self-imposed rules said that I had to give it a try if it was above 5°F.

Yes, I was slightly concerned. Deanna told me not to run. I wore my usual winter running gear, which is not very special — with TWO small additions. I put my neck warmer around my neck just in case (and I did not end up using it) and I literally PUT A SOCK on IT! Way back, 16 – 17 years ago, I had not realized that you can get frostbite on ANY bodily extremity. I thought that certain body parts, below the waist, given their location would be kept warm by all the blood vessels in the groin. NO. I didn’t get frostbite but it was kind of touch and go. Since then I started using an athletic supporter that definitely makes sure that it is warm enough. Today to be doubly sure I put a sock on it under the athletic supporter. Don’t think I needed it.

It really wasn’t that cold. Yes, to be fair there was no wind — a gentle breeze. The trees were not moving. Yes, the wind has picked up since. But from what I can see today isn’t that atypical for us in New Hampshire.

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by Anura Guruge

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