The Supposed New 9th Planet, The Latest ‘Planet X’, Might Actually Be A ‘Binary Dwarf’.

by Anura Guruge


Check out this 2:10 minute YouTube video by the ‘Science Magazine’ for the QUICKEST & BEST introduction to this supposed 9th planet — the NEW ‘Planet X’.

CoverJPGIn astronomy a ‘binary’ object is an object made up of two objects orbiting around each other. Pluto in reality is a BINARY DWARF; Charon its largest moon in essence a twin rather than a moon per se. So Pluto-Charon is a Double Dwarf.

My feeling is that this new Planet X, if there is one, will also be a Double Dwarf rather than a single planet.

In case YOU are wondering why I might even know anything about this, do NOT forget that I have written a book about “Dwarf Planets” not to mention Comets and Asteroids.

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by Anura Guruge

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