The Science Behind Female Breasts — Especially Their Movement.

by Anura Guruge

Click here to access U.K. “Daily Mail” original from Jan. 13, 2015.


I know it is hard to believe given the amount of coverage that I give them, BUT I, notwithstanding the obvious assets of some of my past companions, am not really a ‘breast man‘. Honest. Ask Deanna. But due to an incident that took place 44 years ago I have always had a passing interest in the motion of female breasts. And now I am CRUSHED.

When women are jogging the breasts perform a ‘Figure 8′ motion? Is that really true? It has taken us this long to discover this? Why does this concern me so much?breastmotionchart

Well this ‘Figure 8’ claims destroys one of my few worthwhile contributions to science and education!

Yes. Way back when I was 18 I came up with a memorable discovery that helped many get through the intricacies of college level physics.

It had to do with ‘Simple Harmonic Motion‘ — a very important, and basic type of motion in nature. I was taught and used to think of it as the ‘path travelled by an object accelerating relative to fixed point’ . 1971. University College of Swansea. I am in a physics class in a large auditorium. Lecturer was teaching us ‘Simple Harmonic Motion’. You may also find this hard to believe but I was somewhat of a character and comedian in those days (unlike the sober, staid, serious soul I am now). So he is standing up talking about ‘acceleration relative to a fixed point’ when I raise my hand and blurt out … ‘you mean just like the path traversed by the nipple of a girl running topless on the beach’. The other kids, as was invariably the case whenever I said anything, started laughing.

The lecturer stopped, of course, in his tracks. Then his face lit up. He started laughing saying: ‘Very Good. Very Good. Yes, exactly. Great definition. We should all use it’. From then on for the next 3 years I was, among other things (including the claim that I spent 70% of my time in Swansea horizontal), notorious for my knowledge of ‘Simple Harmonic Motion’.

But  ‘Figure 8’ motion is not SHM UNLESS, of course, I can come up with a way to way that it is 2nd Degree SHM — on two planes — horizontal and vertical.

Anywho … check it out IF you have any interest in female breasts and the science behind them.


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by Anura Guruge

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