NO Wolfeboro, N.H. ‘First Night’ For 2016 (Official).

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by Anura Guruge

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This is the December 31, 2015 post!

You need the December 31, 2016 post — HERE.
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‘Wolfeboro Chamber of Commerce’ events Webpage from this morning. Click to ENLARGE and ponder over here. Use link below to access original.

Click here to access the original at the
‘Wolfeboro Chamber of Commerce’ events Webpage.

I just called up the Wolfeboro Chamber and checked. Yes, it is official. No Wolfeboro ‘First Night’ this year; i.e., December 31, 2015 — January 1, 2016.

And NO midnight fireworks!


Instead fireworks at 6:30 pm. Mitt Wept (I hope).

This is very sad.

Yes, folks like us are to blame. We did NOT attend the last two years, having been stalwarts for a few years previously. We wanted a BIGGER, BETTER show. Yikes.

Wolfeboro Inn and others are putting on their own events. But that is not the same.

As far as I am concerned double-whammy for Wolfeboro in 2016 ALREADY — and we haven’t even begun the year. First ‘Great Waters’ CANCELS the gala ‘Chorus & Orchestra’ event for 2016. Now this.

And the crazy thing is that it ISN’T  as if Wolfeboro, NH — the Capital of Heated Driveways in the Northeast — does NOT have the money to fund such events. Any of the folks that run the Heated Driveways — and I am sure that some of them have them on even now though the temperature is in the 40s — could easily finance First Night without even flinching.


Well, there is ALWAYS Boston. I am no longer big on Portsmouth. Their First Night is ‘neither here nor there’. Just go to Boston.

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2 responses to “NO Wolfeboro, N.H. ‘First Night’ For 2016 (Official).”

  1. Kristen Sagar says :

    Very sad to hear…I own 2 weeks at the Windrifter Resort and always get a yacht club unit with a great view for the fireworks…why did you change to a 6:30 show? Even 9pm would be better….so sad…I use to bring friends and go strolling up and down the main st. to all the different events….

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