Wolfeboro, N.H. 2015 Christmas Parade & Christmas Tree Lighting.

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by Anura Guruge

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Of course all Christmas parades, by definition, are good. So that was the case here too though it lacked some of the key elements we had come to expect of late — viz. NO Kingswood High School Band led by Bobby Burns, NO Wolfeboro trademark large ‘puppets’ and NO Mrs. Claus. Yes, it was a dank & dreary day — more like Hampshire (in England) in November as opposed to New England. Last year we sloshed through snow. This year rain.

It was a new bachelor Santa with no Mrs. Yes, somebody very kindly gave me the low down BUT I am not going to divulge it. Personal. Just that we are so used to seeing BOTH Mr. & Mrs. It was still fun. Not sure why it was not up to the usual snuff. Could be the weather. The band might not have wanted to perform in the rain — given the damage it could do to the expensive instruments. But here are some of the pictures. Enjoy. It was good to see a LOT of people we knew.

Merry Christmas.  

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