Five “$10 Off $50” (20%) Discount Codes For — For YOU.

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by Anura Guruge

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I got five of these these 20% off codes as part of the convoluted negotiations that involved me getting a Sony RX100 II (M2) from last week.

I do NOT need these 5 codes. I actually have a 6th code somewhere and most likely get another next week! Yes, I do a LOT of transactions with Plus, if I want $10 off, I will just call and beg for it — and they will give it to me. They know I am a good customer.

So, I will give these 5 codes to you. They told me I could. Friends and family — and anybody who reads this blog, by definition, is a friend.

So IF you want a code just e-mail me. You know how. Hope this helps.

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