Rupert Murdoch Is RIGHT — Obama Is Half White.

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by Anura Guruge

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Barack Hussein Obama II, black & WHITE.

It is not often, in the last 15 years, that I have agreed with Rupert Murdoch, though I have always admired and respected his business acumen and vision.

I worked like a black in 2008 (primary & election) and 2012 to get Obama elected. During all that time, and since then, I have ALWAYS been befuddled as to why we call Barack Hussein Obama black! He is also half-white. That his mother was (all) white has never been contested (as far as I know).

So what makes Barack black? 50-50.

I talk here also has a father of 3 mixed race kids. Other than by those that want to be mean (and there are a lot of them around) the kids are not referred to as ‘brown‘ or ‘black’ — THOUGH I routinely describe myself as the ‘Brown Guy‘.

Over the last 2 weeks we have been spending a lot of quality time with quite a remarkable lady, Kati Preston. She is a Holocaust survivor from Transylvania (now Hungary/Rumania). She and I had this Obama discussion JUST a week ago. Kati’s father was Jewish and was killed during THE War. Her mother was Catholic. So she was 50-50. Half Jewish, half Catholic. But the Nazi’s considered her a Jew. She then equated it to Obama. And we both had a few minutes of being totally and utterly in accord.

Rupert, who is no mug (though he comes across as one), is right. Obama is not a 100% black president — and I am NOT sure whether there are any 100% black people around! I don’t know. But I am sure there has been a lot of blood diluting over the centuries.


Obama is as white as he is black.

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