New Roku 4 — Does Not Offer Me ANYTHING!

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by Anura Guruge

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I just love my Roku 3. Getting a Roku 3 in February was probably one of the best things that happened to me in 2015, though I am also pretty happy with the two Jaguars that I purchased and the recent Panasonic Lumix FZ1000.

I use the Roku 3 everyday — though we also have Dish.

I had been waiting anxiously for the Roku 4. I even volunteered to be a beta tester — though they, obviously, ignored my request.

Yesterday I was SO EXCITED when I got an e-mail from Roku telling me I should pre-order a Roku 4. At $129.99 I can sure afford one. So price is not an issue.

But, I being who I am, I checked the specs. I was GUTTED. There is NOTHING in the Roku 4 for ME!

I don’t have a 4K TV and I find all this emphasis on 4K, even on cameras, an absolute pain.

I have a perfectly good 1080p TV and I am very happy with the HD picture quality I get on it — even with the Roku 3.

My Roku 3 is hardwired to a 15Mbps Internet service. So all the changes to Wi-Fi does not apply.

OS 7 that will come with the Roku 4 will ALSO be available for the Roku 3. So I don’t need a Roku 4 to get the new software features.

They say the Roku 4 will give me a better picture quality BUT I don’t buy that. My eyes could NOT resolve anything better than what I now get when I watch the likes of ‘Downton Abbey‘, on HD, from Amazon Prime, on my Roku 3.

So I am real upset. I wanted a Roku 4. Yes, for $129.99, I could just go ahead and get one. But that would also mean installing all the channels and RE-REGISTERING them all. That is a lot of hassle — when I am not going to get any ROI.

I will investigate further BECAUSE I really want to say I have a Roku 4. So stay tuned.

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