Give Up Sex To Live Longer? STUPIDEST Thing I Ever Heard.

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by Anura Guruge

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From the ‘U.K. Daily Mail’. Click here for original.

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Most idiotic thing I have EVER HEARD in my life. What is the point of LIFE without SEX?

I just don’t understand why some folks have it in for sex. Without sex, between MEN & WOMEN, 98% of us would not be here and even the rest required sperm harvested in some form.

I can just about understand when the pope or a Catholic cardinal talks about divorced Catholics foregoing sex so that they can have communion because in the end they do NOT know what they are talking about. Beyond their grasp.

But this IDIOT. I would tell it to his face. Scrawny little whimp. OBVIOUSLY has issues with sex. Yep. Written all over his face. He should go become a priest.


The only reason I spent 4 decades making sure I would never, ever, go to heaven was because I was told there was NO sex in heaven. That would be hell for me and I might as well go straight to hell — BUT I don’t believe in any of that anyway.

Give up sex to live longer. What garbage. More sex and YOU will live longer. Check out my book. I cite research on that. Orgasms are good for you.


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