eBay Live Auctions — Could Become A Real Addiction.

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by Anura Guruge

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Items on sale right now … as I write …


I guess I kind of knew that eBay was doing this. I had, however, never checked it out.

Today I had an e-mail from eBay reminding me to check out the Live Auctions.

I did. Wow.

I can see how it could become awfully addictive. I shied away. I could so easily get suckered in. It could be like my option trading addiction — though the HUGE difference is that with my option trading I don’t spend, let alone lose, any money. But these auctions could become a huge drain of funds. Nothing I need … I am sure. But, I see a Rolex and the fingers start itching to bid. But so far, so good. Temptation under control. SMILE.

But just thought I will let YOU know in case YOU want to indulge.

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