India’s Zuckerberg Shoving Prime Minister, Modi — A Canon or Nikon User?

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister, pushing aside Mark Zuckerberg, at Facebook headquarters, so that photographers would be able to better capture his grey bearded, ‘Pirate of the Arabian Sea’ visage, deservedly got a lot of media publicity.


Canon 7D — side view.

But this, by no means, is the only time that the media has caught Modi trying to be the most photogenic subject in the frame. Moreover he is reputed to be quite an avid photographer himself — and that is what intrigues me. I have found two pictures of him with a fairly expensive looking DSLR glued to his face. But I can’t make out the make of it. Yes, I Googled. The consensus is that he uses a ‘near Pro-level’ (albeit APS-C sensor size) Canon 7D (Mk I or Mk II) — though, of course, it is possible that a man of his stature probably could have multiple ‘high-end’ cameras. I am curious. It would be a hell of a marketing coup for any camera maker — having Modi, the leader of the World’s largest democracy being a fan and user. So, IF you know, please let us know.

So here are two pictures, from this GREAT ‘Huffington Post’ article, of Modi the photographer.


And another, from the same article — this time Modi, at a resort, taking some pictures, as he should.


Click to ENLARGE and enjoy here. From the ‘Huff Post’ article referenced (and linked) above.

And of ALL the pictures of Modi looking at the camera
ignoring ALL around him,

this, for multiple reasons, is MY favorite.


Click to ENLARGE and have a nice chuckle. From the same article as above. You do KNOW that I am originally from Sri Lanka — though I left in 1967 (aged 13.9999 years).

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