Samsung NX1: Lens Choices And AF Concerns Makes Me Shy Away.

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by Anura Guruge

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samsungglass1After I made the gut wrenching decision that I was going to DITCH the Sony a77 Mk II, after it lost the 989 images, I again spent hours checking out the Samsung NX1. I have lusted after the NX1 ever since its announcement. I kind of avoided it after the LCD screen problem we encountered with the Samsung WB350FI got Deanna for Christmas 2014.

But now I went back and had another very careful look. It is one heck of a camera. And I know that the firmware is now at 1.4. But people are still ‘talking’ about AF issues and Auto Focus is of paramount interest to me because of my dodgy (and worsening) eyesight. Though I use manual focus quite often I prefer to start off with AF. So if AF is a weakness in the NX1 — especially when taking stills — then that is a major strike against this camera. I actually checked, online, quite a few images taken with NX1s, at full size. Many did NOT impress me.

And then there is a ‘price-for-value’ equation. From what I can see there aren’t too many good lens options for the NX1 when it comes to the focal range I am after, i.e., 18 to 300 mm. Yes, you can get them, but the ‘price is not right’, and many of the lenses DO NOT have the image quality that I seek.

 I could be wrong but I am not impressed at ALL with the stock Samsung 16-50mm lens for the NX1. It appears to be a very soft lens and I seek crisp lenses. Ditto for this 50-200. I saw some terrible shots taken with it. And between these two lenses I am at $1,756. But for that price I would LIKE to get up to 300 mm (as opposed to 200 mm) and have better image quality.

I have a feeling, and I could be wrong, that there could be a NX2 by March 2016. So I am going to WAIT. Does that make sense?

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