Sony a77 Mk II Camera: I Have Decided To DITCH IT Altogether & Get A Different Camera, Maybe Samsung NX1!

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by Anura Guruge

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I am crushed and rattled. I loved this camera. It took amazing pictures. I invested SO MUCH time into this. I have never, in the last 15 years, spent as much time reading about and trying to master a product! BUT, I can’t live with a camera that will arbitrarily lose 989 pictures. [Read this post.] That will be too stressful. Always wondering, if not worried, that the pictures you are taking could disappear. I just can’t believe that Sony would let something like this happen.

Now all of my investment in the Sony a77 mk II is down-the-drain. I am actually going to see IF I have grounds to SUE Sony. Maybe even go to small claims. Cameta Camera is being excellent. FIRST they agreed to send me a new camera. Today they agreed that I can send the WHOLE kit back and that they will give me a full refund. I will still lose money. I have to pay the UPS for sending the 2nd box back. Cameta paid for the first. I have extra batteries, screen protector and 2 books for the a77 Mk II. Plus all my time, and that is what irks me the most (though to be fair I learnt a LOT about the technology of contemporary cameras). And do NOT forget I am a Sony shareholder.

I just left a 1-star review at Amazon. They might not publish it!

Now back to the drawing board. Tempted to try the Sony RX10 II which I toyed with to begin with. But maybe the Samsung NX1. Maybe this WAS all for the better. I had a feeling that the NX1 was in my destiny. But I am also going to check Fujifilm and Olympus. Yikes. Not funny.

It is official. I hate Sony. Heads up. Beaware. Very aware. Sony could ruin your life.

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