Holy See Flag To Fly At United Nations (UN), New York, For The First Time, Friday, For Pope Francis Visit.

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by Anura Guruge

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Not having the Holy See flag flying in UN Plaza had to do with the Holy See NOT being a Member State. [See above] But, they are now making an exception. The other Permanent Observer to the UN, at present, is Palestine. Wonder whether they will request that their flag is flown too — and the UN, most likely, will have to accede to that request to be fair.

In case you are wondering why it is the ‘Holy See’ as opposed to the ‘Vatican City State’ that is represented at the UN it has ALL to do with HISTORY and politics.

The ‘Holy See’ — a ‘see’ being the office & diocese of a bishop — refers to the Bishopric of Rome; the pope’s most important title being that of the ‘Bishop of Rome‘. The Holy See thus predates the Vatican — as the site of a Christian church (now St. Peter’s) let alone a sovereign state — by a long chalk. The Vatican is where a Roman ‘circus’, an open-air venue for public events, used to be, even up to the time of Emperor (‘as Rome burned’) Nero [54 to 68 BCE]. The first proper Christian church to be built there, the Old St. Peter’s, did not happen till the 4th century. Popes only started residing at the Vatican, on a permanent basis, since the 14th century. It only became a sovereign state in 1929. So that is the FIRST reason why it is the Holy See that conducts diplomatic relations as opposed to the ‘Vatican’. The Holy See was actively involved in International diplomacy prior to the Vatican coming to be.

The next reason is that the Holy See, said to be founded (somewhat uniquely) by two Apostles, is considered to be the seat of power for the entire Catholic Church. So by saying ‘Holy See’ the Vatican is showing that it is representing all the Catholics worldwide as opposed to just a City State. Is that clear? Yes, it can be confusing. But hope this helps.

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