“NH Highland Games”, Loon, September 18 – 20, 2015 — Exceptional Weather.

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Click to ENLARGE and study here. From http://www.wunderground.com/ for Lincoln, N.H. — the Town in which Loon resides.

Looks like we are going to luck out. The weather for all three days, Friday to Sunday looks good. The so called ‘chance of rain’ on Sunday is for early morning. It, if it actually happens given the 35% probability, will have ceased by the time the “Games” start on Sunday — really around 11 am, if not noon. Actually Sunday with its (average) 69°F appeals to me compared to the 81°F. Yes, indeed, it can get too hot.

Over the 17 games we have attended, 15 at Loon, I have seen it all. At least 2 hurricanes, maybe three and the weekend of 9/11. And one of the hurricanes, if I recall right, was in 1999, BEFORE we had a ‘Performance Tent’. That was WET. They re-scheduled the Friday concert at the Lincoln High School — and refused to issue any new tickets. We still got to see it — though we hadn’t bought tickets, beforehand, because we knew that we were going to get pummeled by a hurricane. I then remember another Sunday when there was an announcement over the PA system that an event scheduled at a golf course that morning had to be cancelled because there were ducks swimming on the course. And the weekend of 9/11 was also dreary in MULTIPLE ways — the one MEMORABLE highlight being ‘The BrigadoonsDenis Carr who sang ‘Amazing Grace‘, with so much poignancy, SO MANY times, basically on-demand, during that weekend. Thank YOU, Denis. Without YOU that weekend would have been a bust.

2006 was Teischan’s first ‘Games’. She was ‘0’ years old having been born on March 22, 2006. We used to, in those days, go up to Loon for the whole weekend. We took her, Saturday morning, from the condo we were staying at in ‘Lincoln Station’ with a garbage bag over her stroller. So this ‘Games’ really will be a walk in the park.

ENJOY. See you there. Remember, I am the brown guy. Not many of us around. So I should not be hard to spot. Buy me a drink or better still a sausage roll. SMILE. Cheers.

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