Gilford Beach, N.H. Citations For ‘Free The Female Nipple’ Are Unfortunate BUT Beneficial.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click here to access the “Laconia Daily Sun” original … 

Click here to access “Union Leader” original.

As somebody who lived in Gilford for 8 years (6 of it 2 doors away from ‘THE’ beach) I am distressed that these two citations were issued for toplessness on the beach. It never even occurred to me that there were beach specific ordinances. One thing that totally puzzles me is the statement that the police ASKED if any of the women wanted to be cited! That seems very incongruous and could be interesting when the case comes up in front of a judge in October. That said I am glad that this came to be. Now the legality of such ordinances can be put to the test. A claim that Gilford beach is ‘private’ made me chuckle. IF I remember right you need a ‘beach pass’ to bring a vehicle to the beach. Wonder whether this ‘private’ aspect will now raise its ugly head. Yikes.

I am so proud of the Laconia Police! That they showed undue restraint at Weirs is magic. Kudos to the department and the Commissioners.

Well, this is progress.

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