Most Likely Get My Sony a77 II From ‘Cameta Camera’ Via Amazon.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to access the ‘Cameta Camera’ Website.

You can’t look at Sony cameras on Amazon without coming across the name ‘Cameta Camera‘ as the provider of the item. I had never heard of them and was leery about getting a camera (bundle) from them — as opposed to having the item fulfilled by Amazon.

Then I found a two lens bundle with EXACTLY the two lenses I craved for — at one heck of a price. The Cameta Camera bundle price for the two lenses, plus a flash, memory card etc. etc. is less than I can get a ONE lens kit from Sony. So I called up Cameta Camera on Tuesday to ask them some questions. I was impressed. I also posed the same questions on Amazon and they responded. I feel better.

Given their price I don’t think I can get anything even close in terms of price from anybody else other than Cameta. I will, however, place the order through Amazon. It will be crazy for me not to do so. Not only do I get the comfort of Amazon’s liberal returns policy BUT as a Prime card member I get a 5% ‘reward’ and 6-months, interest free, to pay for the purchase. I, as I have said often, like Amazon and love Amazon Prime.

I don’t plan to order the a77 II bundle till after August 22. I really must get my latest book, at least in Kindle form, done. I won’t have the time to play with a new camera till then — and my birthday isn’t till September. I will, of course, keep you posted. Wish me luck.

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