I Am Not Getting A Sony RX10 II After All, I Am Getting A Sony a77 II Instead.

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by Anura Guruge

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Well, well, well. Talk about an about-turn and talking one’s self out of a previously made decision. I am so glad that I spent so much time agonizing and researching this purchase. I knew I was not going to order a camera before August 23rd and as such made sure that I used whatever spare time I could rustle to researching what I planned to buy.

In the end the Sony RX10 II, despite its revolutionary stacked sensor, just did not stack up.

It finally dawned on me, with a jolt, that I would not be happy with a 1″ sensor though I had convinced myself that I really, really, really liked the RX10 II.

I wanted a bigger sensor. I don’t really care about video. I want as good still images I can get — ideally in low lights given the amount of shooting I do at concerts. I decided that I wanted at least APS-C. I toyed with getting the full-frame a7 but I don’t like its anorexic look.

So I went back to looking at the Pentax K3 — and not the K3 II. I thought long and hard. I got a chance to see the images taken at a concert, that I also had taken pictures at with my Canon T3i, with a Pentax K-3 with exactly the Sigma lens I was contemplating. Image quality was not that much better than what I had got with my T3i.

Plus I realized I really, really, really want to go with mirrorless (even if it means SLT — Single-Lens Translucent) and I wanted, because of my bad eyes, an Electronic Viewfinder (EVF). So that Sony Alpha 77 II. I like everything I have seen so far.

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