Alton, N.H. ‘Old Home Day’ Fireworks — August 8, 2015.

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by Anura Guruge

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Devanee (14) took most of these firework pictures using my Canon T3i
which she is now convinced will be hers within the next 3 weeks.

We had to alas forgo the evening part of Alton “Old Home Day” 2015, despite the concert by our favorites “Annie & the Orphans“, because it was also the last evening of “Huggins Fair” in Wolfeboro. It was a painful decision but, to be honest, not a hard one. Very few things take precedence over the last evening of Huggins. That is when we now go to the Fair and it is very much an entrenched annual event in the Guruge family calendar. Yes, we were hoping to get back early enough to see ‘Annie’ but it didn’t work out as we had planned.

We got to the Alton just around 9pm. I wasn’t sure whether we would be able to even get close to the Bay. I expected it to be packed. I was wrong. There was hardly any crowds by the bridge, at the head of the Bay, and definitely no traffic. We just drove in and parked within 150 yards of the Bridge, at a legal parking spot, on the road. ‘The Orphans’ were just winding down. Compared to prior years there was hardly anybody on the bridge — the BEST place to watch the pictures as pictures testify. Not sure why. Great weather. Not a hint of precipitation and very temperate.

The fireworks were par for the course for Alton. Not overtly spectacular. But they were ‘OK’ and as I tell the kids, all fireworks, by definition are ‘good’ and it is always a privilege to watch a public firework display. Much of it, like 12 minutes, as is always the case, was hesitant, humdrum and lackluster. But to be fair there were a few good ones interspersed and three exploded prematurely, right above the barge, which provided some excitement. And then there is always the decent finale which makes up for all that went ahead. So it was OK. It was good. Glad we went. Not sure why others were not there to partake.

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