Sony DSC RX10 II: Taking Another Look At The Understated Zoom & EVF.

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by Anura Guruge

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I am still, in between trying get my 24th book done, struggling mightily as to what I should about getting my next camera. Given that the goal is to get it for my birthday, as my treat to myself, I have about 3 weeks before I have to pull the trigger.

I thought I had managed to convince myself that I will get the Canon G3X. But, the more I think about it the more I come to the conclusion that I really despise the look of that camera and will really hate owning it. Seems beyond masochistic to spend $1,240 on a camera that I am really going to dislike. Plus masochism has never had that much appeal to me, my life full of pain without me having to resort to self-infliction.

By far the MAIN reason I was trying to convince myself to get the G3X was the 25x optical zoom. That would be nice.

But what about the new, as yet STILL NOT AVAILABLE, Sony RX10 II?

I have found out that the 200mm, 8.3 x optical zoom, is a bit of a misnomer. Sure. If you want to be technical and pedantic, that is all you get, 8.3x, in terms of genuine, bona fide optical zoom. BUT, the Sony offers a ‘Clear Image Zoom‘ and a ‘Digital Zoom‘. With the ‘Clear Image Zoom’ you get 16x, albeit with a reduced pixel count. And with ‘Digital Zoom’ you can get up to 33x. Yes, the G3x also has ‘Digital Zoom’ and that will get you 100x. I could live with 16x. That around a 400mm equivalent. That is more than I have ever had in anything other than a ‘point-and-shoot’.

But the G3X is ugly and you have that god-awful external Electronic Viewfinder (EVF).

That is something else with the Sony RX10 II. It has a 2,359,296 dot resolution EVF. By far one of the highest in the market. That is a HUGE consideration.

So …

Sony RX10 II vs. Canon G3X?

I have noticed one thing. Sony’s documentation is beyond scanty and shabby! Yikes.

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